Interest to musicals, increased in recent years in our country, is strongly associated with high-sounding titles the best examples of the genre. 

We decided to take the product, virtually unknown to the Russian audience, being absolutely sure that it's necessary to discover new things. Especially when it comes to the material, which had a huge success, but undeservedly forgotten. Operetta "Axel at the gates of heaven" that underlies our performance "Hollywood Diva", was at one time a real hit. And its author - Austrian composer Ralph Benatzky - one of the most successful and sought-after composers of his time. The main "decoration" for the stories told in it - of course, it's love story! - was the famous "Dream Factory" Hollywood in it's best years 30-ies of XX century. Glitter and luxury life of stars and the flip side of this coin, the admiration of the crowd and loneliness idols. And the incomparable atmosphere of the world of cinema was "filled with" beautiful music.

"Hollywood Diva" - is the choice and the result of efforts by Cornelius Baltus, the director, who transfer for our stage legendary musical by J. Steinman "Tanz der Vampire", which for three seasons became the leader of hire and gathered an army of fans. With director a team of professionals worked, most of which, including the production designer Kentaur and choreographer Dennis Callahan, also well-known to our viewers for "Tanz der Vampire". The new performance happily combines all the ingredients for success: grandiose scenery, exquisite costumes, spectacular dance numbers and the real stars of theatre and movie in the lead roles. 

We hope that a large-scale and spectacular staging, which is (we can say with certainty) unique for the Petersburg stage, there will be close to the audience. Theatre again takes the risk of the discoverer. Hopefully, again we will not lose.