Alla Semak


Born in Tbilisi (Georgia). In 1970 graduated from the LGITMiK n.a. N. Cherkasov (Department of actors of musical comedy).

In 1970 was admitted to the Leningrad State Theatre of Musical Comedy as a soloist. Among her roles were: «Women’s revolt» (Nastya), «About poor hussar...», «Maritza» (Gypsy woman), «Don Juan in Seville» (Donna Anna), «The Merry Widow» (Militsa), «Journey of Nils» (Squirrel Searle), «Krechinsky's wedding» (Lidochka).

In the early 2000s, Alla Semak finished her career as an actress. But she didn't leave the Theatre of Musical Comedy. She is currently working as a director and is responsible for operetta performances. She prepares actors for their roles in the shows and is currently teaching.