Tomas Strebel


Founder and director of audiopool gmbh. Thomas Strebel originated from Basel, Switzerland and ever since his training in Europe and the United States he has been working in the fields of sound design, consulting, audio engineering, event- and studio production as well as studio design.

From on a very young age Thomas got interested in music: As a clarinetist and a drummer he played in several different bands. It was his passion for music that motivated him in the early eighties to complete his training as an audio engineer in Austin TX USA.  

This led him to work as a live engineer at the Atlantis Club (Basel) and as a studio engineer in the Blackwood Recording Studios. In the year 1985 he started operating at several different major productions and together with Roger Quested began planning and realising the construction of various studios inland and abroad. Simultaneously Strebel got more and more involved in recording studio- and live cd’s of different music genres – among others film-music productions with different composers, e.g. Niki Reiser, who won the prize of the German federation for best film-music in “Jenseits der Stille” (1996) and also wrote the music to “Nirgendwo in Afrika” which won an Oscar in 2003. 

For a few years now Tom Strebel has also been teaching at the School of Audio Engineering SAE (Zurich) in the subjects stereo microphones, session procedure and in the Bachelor level the module “The Roles of the Director’s and the Producer’s”. Since the middle nineties he has been responsible for the sound design of various musicals in and outside of Switzerland like “Evita” (2003), “Anatevka” (2004), “Miss Saigon” (2003), “Elisabeth” (2006), “Les Misérables” (2007), “Westside Story” (2008), “Jesus Christ Superstar” (2009),“Dällebach Kari” (2010), “Gotthelf” (2011), “Titanic” (2012) and “der Besuch der alten Dame” (2013) on the Seebühne in Thun, the Musical “Heidi” (2005-2007) on the Seebühne in Walenstadt, the “Weltteather” in Einsiedeln (2007 and 2013), The “Tellspiele” in Altdorf (2008), “Les Misérables” (2009) Lausanne, “In Nomine Patris” (2009) Munich, “Die Patienten” (2010) Tour, “Dance of the Vampires" (2011) Berlin, “Alperose” 2012 Bern, “Dällebach Kari” (2011-12) Zurich and Bern, “Elisabeth” (2012) in Vienna, “Ich war noch niemals in New York” (2012) Zurich, “Tommy“ (2013) Basle, „RENT“ (2012) Basel, “Natürlich Blond” (2013) Vienna, “Der Besuch der alten Dame” (2014) Vienna. He is also very active in the Popmusic and classical music field, as concerts with the Lovebugs and the Basel Symphony Orchestra (2011), “The Phantom of the Opera”( 2012) and “Love never Dies” (2013) in the Ronacher Theater in Vienna. 


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