Adrian Werum


Adrian Werum's career spawns all kinds of genres. He is the founder, conductor and composer of The Global Symphony, a world wide unique orchestra that combines ethnic instruments from all over the world with symphonic music, pop and jazz. The orchestra performes all over Europe and got the prestigious Manfred-Rommel-Prize in 2013. 

Adrian Werum was commissioned by sixt car rentals to wtite the sixt symphony for the company's Centennial.

He is an accomplished composer and conductor for Broadway shows. He conducted and orchestrated for Roman Polanski's "Dance of the Vampire" in Europe and on Broadway. He is a musical supervisor or composer Frank Wildhorn and conducted such hits as "42nd street", "Beauty and the Beast" and "Grease". 

He works as the composer in residence for the Park avenur synagogue in New York and prodused their CD "Jewish romantic music".

In 2013 he got a commission to write a musical for the town of Sindelfingen, home of the biggest Mercedes plant in Europe.

Adrian Werum wrote music for TV documentaries in German National television and orchestrated and conducted big TV shows, starring international stars Ute Lemper, Meat Loaf and Rolando Villazon.


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