Olga Drozdova


Born in the city of Nakhodka, in the family of a captain and agronomist. Father, Boris Fedorovich, was a descendent of the impoverished Russian nobility, and her mother, Maria Ivanovna, was born into a wealthy gypsy family, her father was a blacksmith. In school Olga attended drama classes. Russian language teacher was the first person who saw Olga’s talent. She played in «The Captain's Daughter», «Christmas Eve», but seriously she never thought about becoming an actress. She was going to enter to the Department of Philology, as her mother wanted, and become a teacher. But after Khabarovsk Drama Theatre went on tour in Nakhodka, Olga saw the real actors at the first time and decided to become an actress. She entered the Art Institute of Vladivostok, then she went to the Shiprepairing Plant to work as a storekeeper - to gain experience. Then she came back to the first year at the institute but after a year she left it again. Olga and her friends decided to go to Sverdlovsk to enter the Theater Institute. But on the day of departure she came alone to the airport, others got scared! In her second year at the Sverdlovsk Theatre Institute, she was playing one main role and rehearsing another at the same time.

During the holidays Olga decided to visit Moscow with her friend, who wanted to enroll in one of the Moscow theatre institutes. Drozdova was invited to join second year of Schepkinskoe Theatre School (workshop of V. Safronova). After her graduation (1989), many theaters offered her a job, but she chose Moscow «Sovremennik» theater. Olga played in «The Three Sisters» (Masha, (M.Neelova played Masha as first cast)), «Steep Route», «Anfisa», «Anomaly», «Warning small ships» and many other plays.

Olga Drozdova starred in more than twenty films; among the most famous ones are: «Alice and the bookseller», «Love, a harbinger of sorrow», TV series «Queen Margot», «Gangster Petersburg – Lawyer», «Stop on request - 1, 2», «Popsa», «In the First Circle».

 National Actress of Russia (2015). Was awarded the Order of Friendship (2006).



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