Valentina Kosobutskaya


She was born in Leningrad. In 1972 she graduated from Leningrad state institute of theatre, music and cinematography named after N.K. Cherkasov (faculty of acting, class by L. Makariev). In October 1972 she joined the troupe of Pskov regional drama theatre named after A.S. Pushkin, where she worked for one season. In 1973 she was invited to the Theatre of Musical comedy.

For the years of working in the theatre she performed around forty various parts. Among them: Lady Bazankur («The age of love» by F. Hervé), Mrs. Hopkins («My fair lady» by F. Loewe), Lady Braknell («My friend Benberry» by G. Natchinskiy), Marusia («Sevastopolskiy walz» by K. Listov), Beatrice («Truffaldino» by A. Kolker), Duniasha and Nastasia Timofeevna («Women’s revolt» and «Marriage with general» by E. Ptichkin), Hapugina («Old man Hottabych» by G. Gladkov), Tatiana Fedorovna («Mistakes of the Youth» by G. Sorochan), Menar («Kidnapping of Helena», musical fantasy by E. Bulanova based on the songs of French cabaret singers), Oskarina and Marchioness Karadec («Bluebeard» and «Parisian Life» by J. Offenbach), Adelaide («The Bird seller» by C. Zeller), Karelia Pontovskaya («The Bondmaid» by N. Strelnikov), Zenobia («Gasparone» by C. Millocker), Mrs. Sauerberi and Sally («Oliver!» by L. Bart).

Nowadays her repertoire includes following parts: Carolina and Bozhena («Mister X» and «Countess Maritza» by I. Kalman), Aunt Polly («Adventures of Tom Sawyer» by S. Banevich), Queen and Muryshkina («Levsha» by V. Dmitriev), Kristina («Baroness Lili» by J. Huszka), Hattie («Kiss me, Kate!» C. Porter), Limonia («Ten brides and no groom» by F. Zuppe), Lady («Grooms» by I. Dunaevsky). 

Was acting in the films and TV-films: «Truffaldino» (director V. Vorobyev, part of Beatrice), «Laughter and tears or Merry dreams» (director I. Usov, part of Dvuliche), «Unusual bet» (director V. Motyl, part of Dashenka), «Horses carry me», director V. Motyl, part of Public prosecutor) and also bit roles in other films. The same successful became her performances on the television where she played more than 10 parts in TV fairy-tales.

In 2002 V.G. Kosobutskaya was awarded with the honorary title «Honored actress of Russia».

In 2007 for the part of Kristina in the operetta by J. Huszka «Baroness Lili» she was awarded with Highest national theatre prize of Russia «Golden mask» in the nomination «The best female part in operetta and musical».

In 2009 by Order of President of Russian Federation Valentina Kosobutskaya was rewarded with Order of Frienship.

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