Dmitry Pevtsov


He was born in Moscow. In 1985 he graduated from the Acting Department of the Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS, course of L. N. Knyazeva and I. I. Sudakova). In 1986-1987 he enrolled in a military service in the Theater of Soviet Army. After the army he worked at the Taganka Theatre (1985-1991). 

Since 1989 he has been acting in movies. During this time he has played about fifty roles in films and TV series.

Since 1991 he works in the theater «Lenkom», where he performed the following roles: Hamlet «Hamlet», Treplev «Seagull», Shpigelsky «Two Women», Chichikov «Mystification», Petruchio «The Taming of tamers», etc. At the moment he is engaged in performances: «Juno and Avos» (Nikolai Rezanov), «The Lioness of Aquitaine» (Henry II of England), «Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro» (Figaro), «Marriage» (Zhevakin, Scrambled).

Participated in the musical «Metro» and «Radio Day» performance by «Quartet I» theatre. Played in productions of «Tender Is the Night» and «Charlie Cha» in the Moon Theatre, played the lead role in the musical «The Witches of Eastwick» (Darryl Van Horne).

Participated in the recording music CD «Actors of «Lenkom» are singing» (composer Nikolai Parfenyuk) and the rock opera of Pavel Smeyan «Word and Deed». In 2004 he recorded a solo album «Moonlight Road».

Since 2008 Dmitry performs in concerts with a street rock band «KarTush» under the direction of Andrey Vertuzaev.
People's Artist of Russia (2001). Order «For merits before Fatherland» IV degree (2013).




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